It's been a while since the end of the workshop yet every time I take the train to or from school I eagerly await the short moments of when I get to see the garden from up above. I think what I am left with most is that this space has the potential to create a place that can really lessen the insular sometimes disjointed setting of Columbia, while at the same time engage the general public that lives and moves around it everyday.

listing reflections fragments and thoughts

  • how to bring attention to a space by just being in it, no matter what the end result was the physical movement became the "art". 
  • what was left becomes the archive and documentation of the group process
  • biggest distraction was the temporariness of the space, we got stuck on what could or should happen, and lost focus on what was actually happening in the space
  • more focus on the space as it was I think would have helped bring forth a stronger aim or goal for what action or message we wanted to say
  • since the workshop ended I was interested in how long the installation would last. Before it was cleaned up the other day, I  liked how the ribbons were starting to decay and break form. To me they seemed to  mimic and mix into the lines of the rocks

lingering question
  • who has access to the garden,can it become open to more than just a few who know the code?
  • if students wish to use the space to create ongoing programs or events who is in control of what happens inside the garden?

lastly thanks to all who took pictures, I really enjoyed seeing the progression of what we did over the two days.

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  1. Hi Cristina,
    Great to hear from you. I agree that the disintegration of the ribbons was adding a new layers to the metamorphasis of the space. The "complaint" that we received to tidy it up points to the bigger picture questions about control and access that you allude to. Who will decide who and what can work in this space? Who will be the arbiter of taste and style, to judge which aesthetic experiences are worthwhile and which are not acceptable?