Place game - Cristina

The potential of the open space. Also the 
fact that it promotes a sustainable art 

  •  add places to sit, the seats could be made of discarded 
tree logs so they can also serve as a table 
  • get rid of the locked door 
  • have regular clean up days, so there is not so much trash and debris left lying on the ground in the garden  
  •  turn it into a zen rock garden
  • if the chain link fence can't be changed then I would suggest adding fabric or some type 
of plant covering like moss or ivy,  I would suggest covering three sides so as to 
better emphasize the entrance
  • create a better entrance, get rid of key code locked door so the space becomes more open and welcoming to those who want a space to relax or escape 

"In theory it is a good idea but as it is forgettable and in the winter looks depressing.
Get rid of the fencing."
I think the students of Columbia College could be better utilized to maintain the space. I would propose a class for each semester that the students would maintain the rock garden. It could be an 8-10 person class and each month a pair of the students would be responsible for the garden design and upkeep.

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