Place Game - Justin

Justin Botz
Evaluate the place:
Feels Safe 2
Clean/well maintained3
Feels reflective and restorative 3
Comfort and Image Average Rating 2.5
Identifiable from a distance2
“Walkable” 1
Accessible by transit 2
Clear information/signage 3
Access and Linkage average rating:2
Comfortable places to sit 2
Frequent community events/activities 3
Area is busy 2
Variety of things to do 3
Uses and Activities average rating   2.5
People in groups 3
Evidence of volunteerism 2
Sense of pride and ownership 2
Children and Seniors are present 3
Sociability average rating 10
1.     What do you like best about this place? I love the location. It is right on wabash in the south loop. There is a bit of foot traffic that goes by. The space is very open so anyone walking by can easily see the work being done in the paper makers garden. The space is pretty large and could host events with a good number of people. I feel like its a space with a lot of potential and I know there are a number of people in the interdisciplinary arts department interested in making use of the space.
2.     List three things that you would do to improve this place that could be done right away and that wouldn’t cost a lot:  1. put up some signage to let people know what the space is. 2. put in a few more trash/recycling receptacles.  3. Plan a community event that would fill the space and bring the community together.
3.     What three changes would you make in the long term that would have the biggest impact?
1. I think creating more consistent programming for the space could have a tremendously positive impact on the space and the local community.
2.  I think taking more advantage of the space in the paper makers garden would have long term value. Right now there are only a few flower beds and a lot of open space. Should we fill the space with more flower beds or add more benches for sitting? I’m not sure but making a decision either way would allow for some long term impact.
3. Perhaps expand the idea of the paper makers garden to a community garden. There could be a section for paper and a section for vegetables. This doesn’t have to be the case but I thought perhaps a community garden might provide more opportunity for community involvement then having it strictly for paper making.
4.     Ask someone who is in the “place what they like about it and what they would do to improve it Their Answer:  Amanda: It’s an interesting space but I’m not sure what purpose it is supposed to have and what relationship it’s supposed to have to the public. I would make that clearer.
5.     What local partnerships or local talent can you identify that could help implement some of your proposed improvements? Please be as specific as possible.
1. Center for Book and Paper arts
2. Columbia College.
3. South loop alliance
4. Overflow coffee shop (Coffee shop that is interested in activism)
5. Daystar Center (south loop community center)
6. Alex Borgen
7. Stephen De Santis

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